A unique exhibition hours Cartier Time Art .From August 26 to November 6, 2011 in Zurich will be a new exhibition

A unique exhibition


From August 26 to November 6, 2011 in Zurich will be a new exhibition of Cartier Time Art exclusive watches famous Swiss brand Cartier. The exhibition provides a unique opportunity to become acquainted with the history of the company and to discover new facets of advanced models of the brand. The exhibition is at the Museum Bellerive, which is home to collections of applied art.

A unique exhibition
Cartier Time Art Exhibition is divided into two parts. Hours of historical value are available on the first floor and second floor are stunning specimens hours Cartier, made under the guidance of a talented master Carol Forestier-Kasap, who by his art and skill of the company picked up a whole new level of high watchmaking.

For the first time at the show exhibited more than 156 hours old. Among the exhibits are such masterpieces of Cartier, to be released in 1874 wall clock with enameled dial with chains and decorated with miniature, or a watch with a focus, designed by Maurice Kue and a famous French illusionist Jean-Eugene Robert-Houdin. These watches were in production for several decades.

A unique exhibition
Participant of the exhibition is also an early version of the legendary watches Santos-Dumont, who were specially produced in 1904 and named after a Brazilian aviation pioneer Alberto Santos-Dumont. He needed a wristwatch, because it was awkward to use while flying pocket watches. His close friend Louis Cartier devised for daring aviator unique first wristwatch Cartier platinum in a single copy. However, only since 1911, the company began to engage in mass production.

As noted above, on the second floor of the masterpieces that was released over the past four years. Exhibited seventeen wristwatch equipped with twelve proprietary mechanisms, a complex of another. A series of hours-of concepts presented brand Cartier ID One, made of the most advanced materials based on innovative technologies.

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