Zoomin – will show the exact time. Many children are often very difficult to determine the time

Zoomin - will show the exact time


Many children are often very difficult to determine the time on mechanical switches clock. This is especially true the minute hand – because the clock is usually no single mark and to learn where the 10 minutes, where 40 to for a long time. But some people even grown up, it is difficult to determine the time of the arrow without the marks. True the digital watch to wear, too somehow not stylish – that’s to bother with the marks without numbers.

Hours Zoomin – a solution for such people. On the outer circle of the dial are 60 markers with numbers, that is every minute from 0 to 59 are numbered. In addition the clock uses two lenses – and one of them is needed to increase the number of minutes, so you know exactly now or still 3:56 is 3:57. Arrows as such in hours Zoomin no. Tagging with numbers arranged in a circle, only two such circles – for hours and minutes.

Local range is closer to the center – which is natural, since only 12 hours and minutes – 60. That is only on the face of 72 marks. Every 5th minute – that is 5, 10 and 15 minutes and then allocated a large font for easy reading. If the shooter does not, then how do know the current time? This will help you two lenses. One of them is minute, the second one – hour. Hourly something else like an arrow, because the proceeds from the center of the dial and the need to highlight the current hour. Minute lens is attached to the rim and highlights the current minute. That is for example, if you see the inner lens of the increased number 3 and the external – 57, so now 3:57 and by the end of the day there are very few. It is unlikely that you’ve seen before mechanical clocks that accurately show the number of hours and minutes – usually it is associated only with electronic devices for measuring time. Incidentally, the authors of the concept – the Russians but the idea belong to Gennadiy Martynov. While this is only a concept, but perhaps soon the clock will appear on the wrists of many people.

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