Wrist watch with bullets on Artya. Watch company Artya as always excelled unmatched original

Wrist watch


Watch company Artya as always excelled unmatched original performance. New Wristwatch Time Shot clearly hinted that the time kills – they set the 6 most of these cartridges!

Ivan Arp yet released data clock in single copy. We plan to create an entire collection, but so far, apparently, a great designer, decided to test how comfortable with such a clock would be, for example, be checked at the airport.

Hours Artya Time Shot have a steel body 47mm round, designed as a small dial on the center of a target in a shooting gallery. Around the small clock face attached with copper wire 6 rounds Flobert caliber 6mm. Runaround cartridges sent as a counter-clockwise.

Inside placed Swiss self-winding. Self-winding rotor of the watches, visible through the transparent back cover, decorated with three backs sleeves with capsules.

What is very suitable for hunting hours or waging aggressive negotiations?

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