With the clock Hermes Cape Cod Grandes Heures breaks the monotony of the time. It breaks the monotony of the passing of time the new

With the clock Hermes


It breaks the monotony of the passing of time the new and intriguing watch Hermes Cape Cod Grandes Heures.

With this model Hermes invites us to extend the most precious moments of our lives but also to shorten the most insignificant just like the layout of the hands of his latest creation which accelerate the pace but they also know to take things easier.

In short everything is permitted to break the monotony of the classic turn of the hour. The case is rectangular and has the dial rejects the conventions, with a fine guilloche decoration and stylized indexes.

We are facing very thought of a timepiece, on the one hand it offers the most exact minute and second race, for all of their 60 drives and other hours writing a very personal scene with an irregularity at the edge of the ease.

The movement is mechanical with automatic winding module “Grandes Heures,” 133 members, 42 hours power reserve. The 316 L stainless steel case measuring 36.5 x 35.4 mm and is water resistant to 50 meters.

The dial is silvered or anthracite with 3 hours of information available while the strap is alligator leather matte light brown or graphite.

Hermes Cape Cod Grandes Heures is an elegant expression of the hours that disrupts the traditional codes and proposes a new reading of the measurement of time their time very simply.

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