Whether the iPhone, then a clock.Today iPhone’om nobody will be surprised



Today iPhone’om nobody will be surprised, because modern technologies develop and spread with great speed.

But still, people are demanding new and interesting solutions, so developers and designers to come up with such decisions every day.But could you imagine having a desk clock, created in the form of iPhone?

Yes, everything is exactly as you read: The device, called iLove’s Dock makes your iPhone from ordinary analog clock. While talking so slightly wrong – in fact actually watch digital, but the entire structure made it so that it seems that before you ordinary clock. When you install the iPhone in the device, he merges with it – and a cursory look at him you can not see the clock and where the iPhone. Here’s a disguise. But, of course the iPhone in this watch not only the design. In addition to opportunities for regular hours and they allow the additional features needed in our time:

  • Alarm clock – what kind of watch without an alarm clock;
  • Reminders – You can set a task for one time or another, never to forget about important meetings or other actions;
  • Radio – because it’s very boring hours thing, but much more fun to watch not only how much more time to slit out to work, but fun to listen to DJ at a morning radio program, or use a radio at work, listening to the weather and fresh music hits. The device has another very useful function – it can charge is inserted into her iPhone as a charger, that is performing two functions simultaneously. Agree – few can boast of a charger, which at the same time is a clock. Opening with the iPhone to create a stylish device that is more than just a desktop clock – one can only applaud the designers for the company as a refined solution which has a promising future in the industry of gadgets.

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