Watch with MP4 support.Once in ancient times the hours were only used to determine the time.



Once in ancient times the hours were only used to determine the time. Later in an era of electronic clocks scientists have been able to extend their functionality. Now the market of gadgets you can see the hours that we had to imagine they could not. For example, watch with a built-in MP4-player and other functions.

Hours which will be discussed came into the world in 2010. In those days modern technology have reached such a level that could make a clock with something much more than a device for measuring time and connect incompatible products. Evaluate the possibility of only hours. First as already mentioned is installed inside this MP4 player, who can play video and audio. In order to store movies and songs, you need the memory – but just hours 8 gigabytes of memory. Not bad for a chronometer, is not it? To view movies and other video has a 1.8-inch screen. For example, if converted to centimeters its diagonal is equal to about 4.59 inches.

This is enough to watch the video, the more you do it with the wrist device. Watch case is made of steel – it allows you to be quiet for work hours, because they are expensive and very valuable to the owner, because not only are the hours and MP4 player and much more than than that. Yes, in fact this watch is not only a function of MP4 player, but also a voice recorder, image viewer format JPEG and more. By the way you can view the images not distracting from the music playing in background mode. There is a multilingual interface, so you can more conveniently use all the features chasov. There is a headphone jack – when the speaker is not present, without this connector will not do. And who is now listening to music on a wristwatch without using headphones?

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