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Most of today’s users are accustomed to the vibration of the phone in silent mode, but did not think that not only the phone can vibrate. To begin with, that not all vibrate notice smart phone or communicator when he is in your pocket or belt. So you have to sometimes miss calls, which are very important. How to avoid such situations?

The original solution offered wristwatch, having the possibility of vibration. Yes, that’s right; the clock can vibrate when you are addressed to incoming calls. Hours are essentially the organizer, who reports on whether you have incoming calls. It saves you from having to pull out a smart phone, especially if you are busy person and call you several times an hour. The principle of operation is simple – watch is equipped with Bluetooth adapter that enables wireless technology Bluetooth.

When you come to an incoming call signal is transmitted at the clock and they displayed not only the information that someone is calling and caller ID. Therefore, you yourself can decide whether or not to pick up the phone, because not every call is important to you. The watch has LCD display, built-in Bluetooth, vibration. Display width – 20 mm version Bluetooth, – 1,2. It is now quite common Bluetooth 2,1, but to watch enough of version 1.2. The frequency range of these hours – 2.4 GHz.
They need to recharge every 60 hours. The diameter of hours – 75 mm. Housing is painted in silver. As already mentioned, the watch can be charged, the charging time is about 2 hours. Rechargeable via USB cable connection via a PC. Delivery includes clock, USB cable to it, as well as an AC adapter.

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