Updated G-Shock. Multifunction watches G-Shock has long been manufactured by Casio

Updated G-Shock


Multifunction watches G-Shock has long been manufactured by Casio, but now have become more functional and versatile. The reason for that – now they integrated Bluetooth version 4. Despite the name, G-Shock watch is nothing shocking in themselves do not carry. But nothing outstanding and impressive they are also not represented. But now, when the functionality is much more expanded, they compete with other clock gadgets.

Watches G-Shock – a large electronic device that can display not only time but also many other options. With buttons, you can receive a variety of useful information. Let’s talk about what makes the phone built-in Bluetooth. For a start, it’s information about incoming calls. Of course, to speak with the hours will not work, but to inform the owner of the input signal as they can. Also, G-Shock watches from Casio are able to receive e-mails, which is very important when you’re in the transportation and are not able to follow the advent of e-mail messages. Naturally, the clock can also tell you about the appearance of incoming SMS. The gadget can even send messages to phones that are no more than 2-5 meters from the device that is within range of Bluetooth. Weight – only 65 grams, making it easy and comfortable to wear. Also watch waterproof – it would be a pity to wet a multifunctional gadget. Data transfer rate is quite large, – 1Mbit per second, which is about 125 kilobytes per second. Technology Bluetooth 4,0, which consumes little energy, you can work hours Casio Bluetooth G-Shock about 2 years without changing batteries – which is quite a lot, because some people almost a month to spend money on new batteries in the watch shop or store.

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