Under the banner of “pi”.If the earlier design hours Pierre Cardin was fairly neutral

Under the banner


If the earlier design hours Pierre Cardin was fairly neutral and classic, this year the striking new collection of trendy designer finds have put the brand on a par with established fashion leaders.

Collection 2007 – a new symbol of the Paris House

Cult house Pierre Cardin has proved that it still feels great taste consumers around the world and capable of bright interesting suggestions.

Until recently, the Paris-hour line at home, licensed to German concern Egana Goldpfeil, one of the largest manufacturers of watches fashion brands, a few were lost, while the more aggressive fashion brands. Collection of watches and accessories Pierre Cardin more like a classic than “fashion”, in addition the clock was not some clear-cut style and character.

Meanwhile, the Parisian fashion house itself in the eyes of millions of consumers continues to be the benchmark for impeccable style and design and the name of Pierre Cardin – a living legend and academician of the Paris Academy of fashion – is still associated with luxury and prestige. So last year, watch brand Pierre Cardin made a serious “work on the bugs,” and provided a new opportunity for every woman to feel what a real chic from “Cardin” – thanks to luxury watches.

The protagonist of a new collection of Pierre Cardin was the new logo of the brand. Symbols hours Pierre Cardin has always been the slogan Time Couture (probably in the translation does not require) and branded the letter R in a twisted kind of yin-yang pattern.

Under the banner
Thus, the collection of Premiere and L’Amour immediately attracted to its original look markings, twisted the dial to the stylized R. The same motif is repeated in jewelry design models and Vendome Trezor.

A recent product line, which premiered this spring, – Silhouette model represents an unusual shape, concave boxes, all tastefully decorated crystals, the markings on the dial and embossed leather strap. What not to reflect on the photograph, so it’s a huge selection of color variations from the classic black-and-steel to soft pink. Men are also not gone unnoticed: they have a stylish novelty was the chronograph Trapeze in the form of a trapezoid.

In this model coated with pink or yellow gold, all the traditional features of prestigious watches are connected with an unusual modern design.

It is important to note that the new design also affected the quality of the performance models, because the more original and complex design, so great care is required during coating, polishing and jewelry inlaid details. In the hours established mechanisms Swiss Ronda, steel shell coated with high-quality gold PVD, straps made of leather, even in women’s models of WR 30 to 50 meters.

The new status of Pierre Cardin watch highlights and a set of stylish accessories that accompany the watch collections: branded wallet made of genuine leather with the logo of Pierre Cardin, key rings, pens, and an excellent representative set of cosmetic brushes in a convenient carrying case with mirror.

And this is not the last surprise that Pierre Cardin is preparing his admirers in the winter approaches and future events.

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