Two dials: Palindrome Too. Many people argue that the more – the better.

Two dials


Many people argue that the more – the better. Perhaps they would like in this case, gadget, manifesting themselves in two hours on the dials. They are called Fossil Palindrome Too, about them and will be discussed in this review. Palindrome, if someone does not know the text that reads the same in both directions – and left to right and from right to left. Of course, these watches are not you reading palindromes, but the principle of their action is similar to the basic principle of palindromes. Fossil Palindrome Too has two indices, which show different times, ie for different time zones.

Configure each dial, of course; be independent of each other, for this clock, in general and intended. Numbers on the watch you will not find the time determined by the location of the hour and minute hands.

However, there is also the arrow is not all right.

The small rectangle indicates the number of minutes and the plus sign, – hours, sometimes misleading host the gadget. But, of course, eventually you will get used. Especially effective clock look when you on the street asking what time it is, but you first long look at the evidence and then stretch the arm and say, inquiring, “Well I do not know, see for yourself”, in asking for this particularly large eyes. Housing and construction hours solid, especially for the price $ 145.

The body is made of steel strap – made of polyurethane, the clock is not susceptible to water. Pay attention to those who thought that the time on the dials are in a different direction. In fact, it is not, they both go for the hour hand, although the name Fossil Palindrome Too could mean just different areas of stroke. So the logic of manufacturers is not very clear, though no one bothers to use the gadget, despite its name.

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