The world’s first edible watch.They say watch Watch Jelly will appreciate creative types.



They say Watch Jelly will appreciate creative types.

And it’s true, because Watch Jelly the world’s first edible watch! Not entirely sure, but the strap and the watch body color is very tasty – they are made from sweet gelatin, which has also quite a pleasant smell.

These extraordinary edible wristwatch invented Scottish designer Paul Duddy. Needless to say on the recognition of the idea, if the London Museum of Natural Science hosted a workshop for permanent Duddy unusual hours.

Why the studio and not show? Paul Duddy has created a set for self-cooking edible hours: the customer can choose to make a chewy casing and strap with orange, chocolate, peppermint, vanilla or coconut. In the design kit to create edible hours are forms for the manufacture of shells and straps of jelly, instruction, several ready-mix gelatins and actually watch themselves, which are fairly common trehstrelochnik with a white “face”.

So, watch Jelly stand for a cleaner environment. Even if you do not eat the clock worn strap and throw it, it is much quicker turn into harmless compost or even goes to feed the surrounding fauna.

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