The passion for watches. The passion for mechanical watches is articulated through many facets



The passion for mechanical watches is articulated through many facets, each of which can and must find a deep satisfaction.

We first consider the aesthetics, then the functions and then assess the portability, but ultimately it is the heart that decides the final choice.

A watch is able to whisper to every fan that only he is able to understand.

The relationship between a collector and even a simple fan, with its jewel wrist or pocket, goes through several stages.

The first is certainly the vision of contentment.

But he soon succumbs to the temptation to interact with the clock in a more comprehensive: the practical and lived.

Most collectors are fitted by a set of screwdrivers, a watchmaker, a lens, a pocketknife and ventures to open the boxes more easily accessible: the pressure.

Prudently and justly almost all stop at this point, because this new “vision” enables many more considerations.

Just looking at his watch, inside, we recognize the caliber, to distinguish the anti-shock system, count the rubies and check the finish and the degree of care.

In some cases, when you can read the serial number, we can even trace the exact year of birth.

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