The new hours Currency:Spanish Frank.In addition to statistics and financial calculations

The new hours Currency


In addition to statistics and financial calculations, there are many external factors, which can accurately determine the current state of European watchmaking industry. One of them – the emergence new names of the list manufacturers. And the name, originally designed to place in the top segment, associated with elite complications and combinations thereof.

Of course, many of them can not stand the test class, but some of the first attempts to occupy favored by niche and feel quite comfortable in it.

According to the unwritten code of honor neophytes haute horlogerie Frank Vila proclaimed himself a champion of complex mechanics and began to translate into reality the ambitious plans.

Franc Vila – just one of those “young, so early.”

According to the unwritten code of honor neophytes haute horlogerie Frank Vila proclaimed himself a champion of complex mechanics, and began to translate into reality the ambitious plans.

Frank Vila was born 34 years ago in eastern Spain, in Valencia. His career he began as a producer … and shareholder of the company kinoprodyuserskoy NER then he has worked as a biochemist in the Valencian Institute of Biotechnology, Chemical Laboratory director and creative director in the company for the production of leather goods Luxury Leather.

The new hours Currency
But the scientific activities and even infinitely beautiful cinematography did not affect the deep strings of the soul young Spaniard. From an early age he was interested in art design, fountain pens and chronometers, which in the end and predetermined his fate. In 2000 he formed his own company to produce luxury watches in Geneva and opened a workshop, designed for an annual production of more limited circulation.

According to the unwritten code of honor neophytes haute horlogerie Vila proclaimed himself a champion of complex mechanics and began to translate into reality the ambitious plans.

Key priorities were identified nominal business at once: a modern interpretation of classic proportions of time and technology with the maximum (possible) compliance with principles such crafts as hand-manufacturing of parts, hand decorated and hand the same assembly.

Due to the fundamental knowledge in chemistry Vila able to pick up his debut for time trials of surgical steel with special strength and hypoallergenic properties and the experience of creative work has helped him come up with a distinctive hull shape with no less than the original geometry of the dial, whose shape resembles an inverted figure eight. In general, it should be noted that the number “8” is especially loved by the Spaniard, limiting the circulation of their works 8, 48 or 88 copies.

Subsequently elaborated a little, this form (called Esprit Unique – “unique spirit”) has become the hallmark of all branded watches Franc Vila.

Deciding to immediately impress one and all, Villa did not dissipate over trifles and started as many as a model equipped with the right minute repeater and perpetual calendar with moon phases pointer. The first instance, labeled brand Franc Vila, was released in 2004.

In 2005 the young company leased a booth at the forum Baselworld, which fielded several models of categories pieces unique and ultralimitirovannyh series. The collection includes eight different calibers with complications in the form of a chronograph, perpetual calendar and minute repeater.

The exposition attracted great interest and was highly praised by professionals and visitors.

Closer to the summer collection a number of bars rooted Franc Vila Haute Horlogerie, Grand Sport, Special Surgeon Stainless Steel and Haute Joaillerie. In November the company announced the establishment of the communication department, whose officers vigorously took up the expansion of contacts with the media and develop strategies to promote the brand on the market. Judging by the success of the brand, with the task division handles superbly.

The new hours Currency
At the end of the year have been built a few more complex pieces on the theme of grande complications, among which included several different complications combined with Tourbillon, including loose. When you create some very “advanced” models were used proprietary technology Inertial Moment Control and Absolute Isolated Sound System, designed to improve the accuracy of the amplification and purity “repetirnogo” sound, respectively.

The authors of these mechanical tricks called them “technology of the XXI century”, we believe it remains a word to them, or wait at least a few years.

2006 started off with Franc Vila presentation of a new collection of Grand Sport Alliance Concept, consisting of sports models in steel and precious buildings. Following collection appeared Montre Contemporaine Grande ComplicationTourbillon with a set that caused a storm of emotions in Baselworld-06. Due to this success brand entrenched in the markets of Spain, the Middle East, Netherlands, Russia, India, USA, Ukraine and Hong Kong.

Almost immediately after the exhibition designers Franc Vila reported about completion of the project FVa4 – the world’s first tourbillon with chronograph, column-wheel is located on the part of the dial.

The latter precaution is made of sapphire smokey for a panoramic view of the unique mechanism.

At the moment, Franc Vila is in high demand in the theater the role of Haute Horlogerie manufacturer of complex minitirazhnyh hours performed in the neoclassical style. His reliance on the natural human desire to possess status unique items was correct.

And profitable, at least until such time as these items will meet all the necessary features, such as: a perfect quality, best materials and exclusivity. The secret of success is partly Vila Franca lies in its financial solvency, it’s hard to argue. Without a solid investment to the raise sort thing of course impossible.

But money is not uniform feed successful businesses – must also strongly and sincerely love the mechanics of the hour and feel her soul. At this point how much of that love of the Spanish and Frank if he could ever catch up to the prestige and popularity of its namesake, the famous Swiss – time will tell.

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