The coordinate system for determining the time. Children not play spy? Perhaps they all looked adventure films

The coordinate system


Children not play spy? Perhaps they all looked adventure films and then presented themselves to the heroic spy hunting down bad guys. A number of different devices do any task interesting and intriguing. Spy films showing how you can with an attached monitor bug man.

It was necessary to have and the device that shows the exact location of the pursued. Many people throughout his life in the soul remain children. Probably the same fans of spy films and developers have been given clock Scope Watch Company of Seahope LTD. Thanks very unusual design watches that are very similar to a device for monitoring the hunted man, the timing could be an interesting and most importantly very extravagant process. This gadget has the dial in its usual representation.

Watch is equipped with a kind of field that looks more like a monitor, equipped with two laser stripes, both horizontal and vertical, that is, instead of the usual numbers you have some frame of reference created by the two lines intersect at one point. Along the edges of the fields are numbers that indicate the hours and minutes.

The most interesting bands that produces a permanent laser chaotic motion, so it seems that object tracking is actually there and somewhere to move. Stop band is literally a few seconds, so you have the opportunity to determine the exact time. Of course, you should try to find out very quickly the current time, there is a look at what the numbers indicates the ends of the laser beams, or they will move again nachtut and will again have to watch their chaotic motion.

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