The clock and USB flash drive.Many people today have never parted with a stick

The clock


Many people today have never parted with a stick, carrying with them all the necessary data, photographs, if possible, showing them to others. But since all modern flash drives have a size smaller and smaller, easy to lose, and the usual stick – it is not so popular, but the two combine, it seemed would be incompatible – fun for all, especially when such devices that are used daily.

Another thing – modern, unusual technologies that can hide the stick anywhere even in wristwatches. That’s right the clock called USB Hidden Flash Drive fraught with hidden USB flash drive that nobody sees. With the exception of those for whom you use it is of course.

Wearing a stick in a wristwatch is very convenient – you do not have to worry about that flash drive is lost somewhere, or you forget the cap on it, because it will keep you on the arm, it’s even safer than wearing a flash drive to neck, because in this case, the risk of losing a flash drive is also very large. With USB flash drive is on the right end of the dial, you need only make a few clicks and drive to push.

Then, with the clock, you can connect a flash drive to any USB-port, remove them from the hand or not, this is your case, most importantly, that this flash drive with you always. Good fit those hours’ spies who sneak into enemy buildings, in order to write data. Even when the enemy sees you, you will not notice the stick – how did he know that your watch is necessary to drive the data?

The amount of memory is enough to record large amounts of data – 8 GB. Recently, it has a volume of the stick, used by most people, the price hours – about 50 dollars for this gadget it just right.

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