The clock and smartphone.The Company Blue Sky srl, dealing with the creation

The clock and smartphone


The Company Blue Sky srl, dealing with the creation of interesting electronics, has released the first in the world clock gadget. They are to some extent, smart watches, because they allow the owner to access the Internet, use the clock to make calls and play music. Agree, very few people can boast of wristwatches and from which you can sit in a social network and e-mail to send, or just listen to music while on public transportation. But for more sophisticated buyers of the company has created an exclusive watch and combined from a series called I’m Watch.

The creators decided not to discover America, and include ready-made solutions, for example, those hours are controlled based on the operating system Android. But the clock can be connected to other devices, not just those who work for the operating system Android, but also with those that are created by Apple. Watches called I’m Watch may be far more than the usual hours, even very expensive and heaped.

For example: calls, social networks, e-mail, downloading video and music from the Internet directly and with torrents, getting information about the weather and all the other features that allow the Internet. Let’s talk about the technical characteristics – after all, are the world’s first smartphone and its characteristics have to be very interesting. As the screen is used TFT-LCD, its resolution is 240 by 240 pixels, which means it square, using 64 MB of RAM, a 4GB flash-memory is supported by different languages, including Russian. But I’m Watch – it is not certain hours, but the whole series, copies of which may differ significantly from each other.

Judge for yourself – the cheapest watches can be purchased for 840 dollars and most expensive – for the same 16 800 dollars. So if you have the correct amount and the desire to get smart watches, choose exactly what you want, because the choice presented to you is very broad.

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