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Watchmaker Tag Heuer announced the completion of ten-year collaboration with the famous American golfer Tiger Woods.

Problems with the sponsors for the golfer appeared in 2009, when he was at the center of a sex scandal.

Woods has said publicly that cheated on his wife. This announcement caused a surge of indignation among the public and consequently, among advertisers.

Disgraced star began to lose sponsors, one after another.

However, the company Tag Heuer at first quite a long time maintained his “ward” and continued cooperation. But then showered with letters from customers who complained that they no longer want to wear your Tag Heuer, to have nothing to do with Tiger wrong. And the company was forced to reconsider its relations with the messenger.

Recall that the partnership between the Tag Heuer and Tiger Woods was the longest in company history. He was an official of the company since 2002 and in his honor was even released several models.

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