Space Watch. Astronauts in childhood dream to become many

Space Watch


Astronauts in childhood dream to become many, but with age it is the desire of many passed. But dreams were and translated into interest in everything connected with the cosmos. Even the adult males have toys to the space theme. In this article we will talk about one of these – namely, the desktop clock MIR Solar Alarm Clock. While this is still a concept, but it is quite possible that soon the clock will be implemented and will display the time in any modern home.

Watch case, as can be the name implies is shaped space orbital station and not just some but all the known station MIR. It was looking at her; the developers were inspired to create the concept of MIR Solar Alarm Clock. But in reality, the concept of originality is not in the form of housing. No, of course the shape of MIR Solar Alarm Clock here is important, but the developers want to include a few important additional innovative features. For example, – solar panels.

They are conveniently placed on the sides of hours and these panels will serve not only design, but also save energy. Solar panel helps keep watch on the charger for a long time, or almost forever. Developers want to build in these watches and radio.

Perhaps many are interested in radio-clock in the shape of the orbital station Mir, running on solar energy. You can wake up in the morning and an alarm clock, radio and listen to the morning and rarely need to charge, in addition, the interior of the house, this gadget will look quite interesting.

Watches are well suited as a gift for both children and adults alike – because people dream about space, regardless of age. Well, let’s hope that developers will be able to realize their engineering solutions and watch MIR Solar Alarm Clock can be purchased from an online store, or even an ordinary shop counter technique.

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