Rotation time.Some people present themselves as a time line

Rotation time


Some people present themselves as a time line, but the most preferred form of a spiral. It is in the movement arrows in a circle you can see the movement of time or rather its rotation. But designers of watches come to the question of the rotation more globally, creating an interesting concept watches. Now it’s just an idea, concept, but perhaps it will soon be translated into reality and the hours can be purchased or ordered. Authors of the idea – the Russian masters design studio basement.

This is a gadget that helps in a different way to present not only the functioning and appearance of wristwatches, but also the movement of time. However, so is the name of the gadget – Rotating time, though unusual? These watches are made of three wheels, each of which as you might guess is responsible for the measure – hours, minutes and seconds. On the hour ring 12 markers placed evenly along the length of the circle and the second and minute – 60 marks. Numbered every minute and second that is you do not need to think what the dash between 50 and 55 minutes. One feature of these watches, that they can be worn in any form or combination, combine and you can wear a momentary ring, but you can not.

The authors offer ideas to make hours of different materials – wood, metal or plastic, depending on what the client needs and what materials they prefer. As time flows circulate around the world, hours, minutes and seconds will be circulating around the wrist of the owner of these watches, you can organize the work hours so that they will be powered by solar energy, which is especially important in recent times, when people not only want to save on energy but also improve the environment. But the clock can be made such that they are working on batteries or mechanical – at least, so say the authors of this idea.

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