Regular Olympic Omega Watches.Watchmaker Omega is the official timekeeper of the upcoming Olympic Games.

Omega Watches


Watchmaker Omega is the official timekeeper of the upcoming Olympic Games. In promotional purposes in Trafalgar Square in London and Sochi, the company had installed a huge electronic clock Omega, countdown time before the Olympic Games. However, the London clock on the day after the installation was given a failure, so the safety net for Omega established in England alone!

Regular countdown clock set to Greenwich Park, where the way will take some of the competitions. Clock countdown show seconds, minutes, hours and days.

Watchmaker Omega is the 25th time is the official timekeeper of the Olympic Games. For the first time in this role, Omega was introduced in 1932 in Los Angeles – exactly 80 years ago. By the way just watch company Omega is credited with the invention the camera photo finish. So in sports timekeeping watch company Omega is truly a significant figure.

By the way the installation of giant electronic countdown board is not limited to the company. Most recently presented a new wristwatch Sea master 1948 Co Axial “London 2012” Limited Edition, dedicated to the upcoming Olympics.

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