Morning Puzzle.Many in our time especially lazy in the morning

Morning Puzzle


Many in our time especially lazy in the morning do not want to wake up. Of course, they include an alarm clock, but its signal on or asleep, or waking up at first, assess the reality and still sleep on. And even the function of the signal every 10 minutes in this case does not help.

Therefore, developers are constantly thinking of better ways to wake a person, even the most lazy. And the gadget-watch called Twist Alarm refers specifically to such methods. Well if you are good at math? Indeed, this Twist Alarm, – Alarm is not simple, but very mathematical. In fact, no knowledge of integrals and derivatives are not needed, because you have to do simple arithmetic. Ask why they do?

In order to activate the brain. If instead of pressing a button, you will have to solve mathematical equations, then wake up you will be much easier, or conversely, more difficult, but you get up on time and all have gone. Watches have two displays and on the body there are several elements and figures which can even be rotated. Therefore, the challenge to enter the correct answer becomes even more complicated, and the likelihood that you will not fall asleep again, there will be more.

Each morning you will be offered to solve simple little task, such as 3 +4. Of course, throughout the day, it’s easy to do, but in the morning – not so simple. So, the alarm will beep as long as the correct answer is entered, so you will want as quickly as possible to solve the equation and then just do not want to sleep. While these watches can be purchased in Japan or to order online, their price – $ 30. Quite well, as for such an effective means of awakening, which makes it possible not to be late for your important meetings study or work?

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