Large companies try to adapt watch on Asian markets. In order to be successful in the markets of India

Large companies


In order to be successful in the markets of India, China and Japan, watch company must adapt to the specific communication characteristics of these countries – whether it is linguistic or psychological nuances “incompatible” with European culture. For example the Chinese can not pronounce the names of some brands, which naturally leads to the marketing incident, up to the brand beyond recognition at the local level. To address this language barrier is necessary to develop semantic schemes that are fully passed on to the basic attributes and the value of the brand.

According to research group McKinsey Global Institute (MGI transnational division of audit and consulting firm McKinsey & Company) by 2015 China will become one of the best markets for luxury goods and India by 2025 will be the fourth-largest consumer market. With this information most watch companies try to penetrate in advance to the Asian market and to approve it on their positions.

Accordingly to overcome the ethno-cultural barriers, the proposed goods and services must be adapted to the culture and mentality, in fact the feelings and tastes of potential customers in new markets. It is clear that such an approach in turn requires a large capital investment for research in these markets.

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