Hours of ants. Time goes on and the Japanese idea of becoming more original

Hours of ants


Time goes on and the Japanese idea of becoming more original and all the more unusual. Now you can see a lot of devices that were previously difficult to imagine. As for the industry and hours – for gadget lovers interesting recent developments are more interesting than classic watches, even expensive ones. For example, imagine you watch ants? Of course, not true, but still with ants.

These hours are called – Ants Watch. They are a developer and manufacturer is a company Seaphone, Japanese of course. Watch is quite common – the bracelet and dial. Although the dial to call it can hardly – in fact it instead of the numbers are the ants. On display are dozens of little ants, or rather their images. At first it seems that the order of their placement is chaotic, but in reality it is not so.

If you look closely, you can see that the ant found in several blocks – hour, 15 minute and minute. Learn while you can, making the number of ants illuminated in a certain pattern, you can learn, perhaps for several weeks. Block of 12 hours is responsible for the ants, the ant is a 3 – a 3 hour and 7 ants – this is 7:00 in the morning or evening. Next comes a block of 4 ants, he is responsible for a 15-minute measurement time. For example, if light 2 ant, then the number of minutes between 30 and 45, and if 3 – means between 45 and 60, that is the number of ants to multiply by 15.

Block of 15 ants responsible for the number of minutes that must be added to the resulting time. For example, if you have 3 ant in the 1st block, 3 ant in the middle and 7 in the bottom, so now 3:00 and 3 * 15 +7 = 52 minutes in the morning or at night.

At first it seems that it is difficult, but for the sake of originality can be patient.

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