Hours for 239 dollars. Today’s market hours are high – as indeed the last 150 years.



Today’s market hours are high – as indeed the last 150 years.

Hours are not being used to determine the time for the demonstration of style and status. People, who have serious social status, are more expensive watches that cost can be sky-high for the average person. But may differ little from the ordinary, except that the company logo and engraving. True, there is a watch that is also very expensive, but it does not look like any other. On one of these gadgets will be discussed.

The developers of these watches are, as always Japanese, namely the capital company Tokyo Flash. Device name – Kisai Denshoku.

Of course, the name did not understand, so let’s get to the description. Futuristic wristwatch has not very common bracelet, and very unusual dial.However, the dial is in general difficult to call – only 12 vertical LED strips. How to use them can determine the time? Very easy! Although, actually not really but for a while you learn. So, for example, we see the illuminated strip 12. Although, at first they are not highlighted and will be lighted only when you press the appropriate button. And when you press the dial lights up three times, so you can see the number of hours and minutes not him.For the first time will be highlighted in the number of hours – from 1 to 12.

The second – ten minutes. The third – a minute. To find the number of minutes, multiply the 2nd value of 10 and add to it third meaning: we are told that everything is simple. For example, if you first dial shows 3, then 3 again and another 3, this means that now 3:00, 33 minutes, ie 3:33. There are two color choices: Black and white, but both will cost you 239 dollars – so you need to think carefully whether you need it you do?

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