Hours are looking for Wi-Fi. Wrist Watch, called Wi-Fi Finder Watch is very unusual.



Wrist Watch, called Wi-Fi Finder Watch is very unusual. The phrase Wi-Fi Finder means one who is looking for Wi-Fi. Unlike Western countries, we have Wi-Fi is not so common, so to find it, you need to spend a lot of time. While the West is the same – cover there is not everywhere and not in all places. As you can imagine the search network Wi-Fi?

Perhaps so: the user walks along the paths, sit on the bench, opened the laptop, looks at the state of the network. If there is no cover, then goes further and doing the same procedure as the n-th number of times until it finds a Wi-Fi.

Wrist Watch, called Wi-Fi Finder Watch designed to greatly facilitate this process, because for this purpose they are intended.

Inside the sensor is integrated Wi-Fi, which sees the emergence of Wi-Fi coverage. You will immediately see the signal on the display clock, and you will not need to open a laptop every time. Radius scan wristwatch – 100 meters, that is, the signal will appear only when Wi-Fi coverage is not more than 100 meters from your metonahozhdeniya. By the way, you do not have to look at the clock, because when the signal will find, they served you a signal an audible and visual. Of course, before it will need to give them the appropriate command to look for.

The price – nearly $ 70. Of course, it is quite normal for hours, looking for Wi-Fi, and that the sensor signal and is the main cause of their high cost. While these watches fit more as a gift, because as a practical benefit from them is not so much – unless you live in area where Wi-Fi to look for a long time. But many will look for cheaper Wi-Fi by hand than to use for this 70-dollar watch. Hours Wi-Fi Finder Watch is an ideal gadget for those who frequently uses Wi-Fi and at the same time wants to save a lot of time and respectively in rubles.

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