Gadget Spy. Everyone, even adults, sometimes you want to play spies.

Gadget Spy


Everyone, even adults, sometimes you want to play spies. Bond movies, books and magazines on espionage theme – all this makes boys and men want to try your self as a spy, it’s so exciting. But for such activities should not only desire, but also the appropriate special device that everyone must have a special secret service agent. Much attention should be paid and masking device – no one should note that it is used? In this case it will be useful and watch Secret Agent Camcorder Watch. In fact, it’s not only watch but also a video camera.

What is it you need? Yes, for anything – to gather compromising materials on the attacker, gather evidence and thus make it so that no one knows what you are recording what is happening on camera. Feature of them is the fact that shooting does not need to perform extra actions that may give you. The camera is inside the number 2, so the hours do not need to open. Recording by pressing the appropriate button. Type of hours is no different from any other type of wrist chronographs.

This will allow you not only look stylish but do not become a suspect in the shooting that someone does not want to show. The camera records not only video but also audio, which makes the watch even more useful. It’s essentially a hidden tape recorder and record the sound is even easier, do not need to aim the camera at an object, you simply need to be within call. Data is transmitted from hours to a computer via USB-time and USB-cable – are familiar with these devices, even those who are not very versed in computers. Memory – 2 GB is quite enough for a few hours of recording. The device will cost you only $ 199, which is the minimum price to pay for such useful clock.

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