Four hours.Recently named designer Mateh Koritar created the original concept of hours.

Four Hours


Recently named designer Mateh Koritar created the original concept of hours. Before that we used to see the abbreviation only 4D cinema and then only in a few. Now 4D that is four dimensions can be applied to the clock. Acceleration is an important part of all modern electronic devices, but until they have installed only in smart phones communicators and tablets.

This concept – an attempt to establish is accelerometer to watch. Although implementation of these hours is questionable, but perhaps quite soon everyone will be to get a clock 4D Watch. If you think that will see three-dimensional image on the screen of the watch – you are wrong, 4D represents a very different one four-dimensionality which we see in modern cinema. Quite a different matter – the numbers on the display clock turn so that you could see the time, no matter what the position was not a bracelet. This gadget will be especially useful for those who are tired of twisting your arm to see the time.

Of course the practical utility of this has little, but watch 4D Watch is a very original gift and will be of interest to anyone who likes the unusual technique. Although who knows, perhaps soon a few years will be equipped with accelerometers all hours for convenience of the user – among the priorities of the manufacturer. Block that displays time is made of 4-faces. Each of them can tell the time, but the only active one which is at the top or side to you that is in fact watch is equipped with 4-ma screens that allow you to see the time, no matter what position the clock on this point may be. Buttons to adjust the clock and are on the strap as the main unit for them simply does not have space. Designer Mateh Koritar, who created the concept of hours involved in their further development, in order to further the project.

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