Fancy classic watch.Today a watch with a built-in GPS calculator and other features amaze people less and less.

Fancy classic watch


Today a watch with a built-in GPS calculator and other features amaze people less and less. Fans of exciting technological and design solutions require more and more new and exciting ideas and designers embody these ideas. But most of these devices is created based on the electronic clock, that is they are a fully digital aids.

And if that turn ordinary hours in such classic that will be interesting for those who like the new technical ideas? Gadget based on classic clock with arrows in fact has been established and it can even be bought.

From afar these watches are similar to conventional mechanical, but at the close acquaintance soon realize all their strangeness. For starters instead of the usual number of 10-chnoy calculation system there are used the corresponding number of 2-chnoy. That is for example, 1 is written as 0001, but the two have a 0010, 3 – as 0011. Of course, the ordinary person it can be a nuisance, but programmers, mathematicians and fans of modern technologies will like. All the more so in fact a person can determine the time, even if on the face but no marks at all no inscriptions – because everyone knows that the right is 3 hours and left – 9.

Binary numbers are written in the squares each mark consists of 4 squares. Here the numbers are written not in the form of ones and noughts, in the form of painted and unpainted squares. Corps of mechanical watches made of stainless steel resistant to high temperatures and to water. In addition the set comes in a leather strap. Price of the device – about 200 dollars, so they are not suitable for everyone. But if you have this amount you can make a gift to friend’s programmers, mathematicians and anyone who appreciates original contemporary trends in everyday technology.

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