Especially sundial.Ask you what do you imagine when you hear or read the phrase sundial?

Especially sundial


Ask you what do you imagine when you hear or read the phrase sundial? Probably most of you comes to mind is a circle on the ground, described around the bar and is the oldest example of a clock. But in fact a sundial can look very different, although the operating principle of the sundial, which is dedicated to the review is somewhat different than the old chronometer.

Most of today’s working on hour’s batteries or on the basis of conventional spring mechanism. But the clock which is represented in the survey work on solar energy, accumulating energy in sunlight. Of course before that hardly anyone thought about the idea of a solar-powered watches and the reason for this is not such high-tech watches and illogic of using it to tell time clock day and night, including when no access to sunlight.

But in a world of gadgets, everything is possible – and each, even a meaningless idea, there are fans. Name hours, – Solaris, which is understandable. Inside the used fuel-efficient LEDs that allow you to store energy for a long time, igniting mikrolampochki. Sunlight does not give too much power, but also the consumption of the clock is usually modest.The design is quite unusual hours perhaps even more unusual than their sunshine. The futuristic shape make them clock gift for anyone who is interested in modern technology, who like the original technical solutions.

Due to the small hours of the mass can be easily worn on the arm, but still it would be better if more turn your hand toward the sun. The solar battery is located inside the dial, if it can be called a dial, any marks on the clock is not present, only a few diodes which are illuminated by several shades. Determine the time with great accuracy and can not – because the price of division of these hours 5 minutes.

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