Do not watch but deep.Abyss – the notion that many different causes of the association.

Do not watch but deep


Abyss – the notion that many different causes of the association. For some – it’s awful dark space, but for others – inviting the world in which they expect to see hitherto unseen things. Anyway is abyss concept interesting. Perhaps the developers thought so, creating a clock called the Abyss. Now, find time to look into the abyss in truest sense of the word.

The dial of this watch is a black space but still so black that it really seems an abyss, though small. Perhaps the Japanese designers even those invested in the concept of hours a deeper meaning – or maybe just issued the original engineering solution. Design clock made in the form of eye of Sauron, which will be very interesting for those who are familiar with this character, or at least knows who he is. To touch the depths, you need to do this in the literal sense – if you perceive as the face the abyss, of course. Cover display – touch, so the clock can respond to your touch. If you do not touch the screen, then before you just an ordinary black circle, but if you touch your finger – it turns into a beautiful crystal that shows the time using LEDs.

This is not only the original decision, and especially practical, since it also allows you to save the batteries, since it shows time is not constant, but when pressed that is when you touch the touch screen. The advantages of hours are, of course, touch-sensitive controls and other grace. These include a beautiful box and the leather strap attached to the clock. Otherwise it is impossible, because those hours are likely to be used as a gift. Price them fairly large – about 2,700 rubles and it is justified by the quality and originality of hours.

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