Determine the time of color.Today’s wristwatch – which only modern designs were not embodied in them.

Determine the time of color


Today’s wristwatch – which only modern designs were not embodied in them. You’ll find hundreds of copies of the hours in which time is recorded in the form of certain signs, symbols and binary written in reverse order. And all this for those who prefer interesting solutions using standard recording Arabic or Roman numerals. The usual direction is also not always been used – it is used in some devices, even small plastic butterflies. Of course, to determine the time on this watch is not as easy as usual. But what if you learn how to determine when not on the numbers and the color?

That was the message and translated into modern watches from the company Ziiiro. Time for them is determined by means of color on the display. The screen is placed just a few colored circles that overlap each other: this results in segments that are responsible for the hours and minutes. Total on-screen three segments – hour, minute and mixed. Hours and minutes are determined by those parts of the circle, which does not change color. There is also another version of hours – they are responsible for the watch red beacon in minutes – white, which is more readable than the previous version of the clock. These watches from Ziiiro called Aurora and Orbit. By the way, is particularly interesting is that these clocks are used to display the time is not digital, analog and mechanisms – just two circles that are at the intersection of creating a new color. Buy this watch can be for 129 and 184 per dollar, respectively. Please note that Aurora is significantly different from Orbit, so choose carefully to. By the way, Ziiiro – a company whose main task – the development of futuristic designs for watches, including watches, so if you like watches that are described in this article it is possible that you will like the rest of their development.

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