Darth Vader will awaken all

Darth Vader


Perhaps the characters from Star Wars now know everything – from their most ardent fans to those who never watched the legendary saga, but plenty of it heard enough of the same ardent fans. Among the most famous Star Wars characters – the main villain Darth Vader, dressed in his black armor, he has long been an iconic image that is used, even where its presence seems strange.

Today we look at the gadget alarm clock that allows you to Darth Vader … you wake up. Yes, exactly. This gadget is not just an ordinary alarm clock, because significantly different from all the ones you used to see before. Mythology of Star Wars it is important, if not a key position. Do you think that this is just a clock with a figure of Darth Vader? You’re wrong. If someone invented a clock with Darth Vader, this is unlikely to do anyone would be interested and it is unlikely this someone wrote.

The thing is that this alarm clock does not use a figure and not a picture of Darth Vader and his shadow…. Yes, in fact, if you set yourself this alarm clock to wake you will not only sound, but the shadow of the most famous villain of the saga Star Wars. Many heard the alarm sound, viewing time and flipped to the other side, and again fall asleep. But how can you sleep if in parallel with the buzzer on the wall there and the shadow of Darth Vader? Perhaps this show will make you wake up.

The farther away from the wall clock, the image is larger. The main thing – do not get scared, except when the only fear you can wake up. Of course, besides the function alarm clock, the clock also displays the time on them you can always know you’re late for a meeting, study, work or not.

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