Crystal Clock Cesare Paciotti.In the range of models from the new collection of watches

Crystal Clock


In the range of models from the new collection of watches Cesare Paciotti 2011we want to give a special note the model Crystal.

A watch brand famous in the apparel and fashion icon who proposes a philosophy that underlies the style Paciotti, ie the willingness to look with elegance.

And for this reason that the model Crystal is granted for example, the excess of white.

Among the special features of Crystal are firstly the 6 screws on the bottom, which are not random but a result of a technical common only to the most famous fashion house.

The case measures 42mm wide steel and is designed to gather every detail due to a brand of weight. How for example a sword, a famous trademark symbol Cesare Paciotti, who rappresneta each index and the body of the sphere center seconds.

The dial is white guilloche-engraved with date, while the ring has a clear reference to the brand of inspiration.

Screw-down crown and bezel stainless steel have all the customization Cesare Paciotti.

We can then omit the steel back which is also home to be customized and targeted care to give prestige.

The white rubber strap eye-catching and elegant, with folding clasp, safety locks flip-lock and the professional diver.

This model comes with two balls moving Chrono Quartz (hours and minutes) and is waterproof to a depth of 5 atmospheres.

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