Continuum – striking clock. Quite a lot of people nowadays want to be as bright.

striking clock


Quite a lot of people nowadays want to be as bright. To do this, they buy bright clothes, do your self a bright haircut or manicure and of course, take with them the bright accessories, such as colorful clock.

And what happens if you do watch more vivid? It was the Japanese company, manufacturer of hours Continum. They show no numbers or using markup and with the help of LEDs. There are 3 color LEDs – a red, yellow and green and each of them performs the desired function.

To determine when it will be difficult at first, but eventually you get used to. To get started, click on the right of the display to light up the LEDs. In order to save energy clock is not constant, but only when necessary. Therefore, time display by pressing the button. The display has three zones: red, yellow and green. Red is 3 series, the same is yellow, and green on the allotted number. The number of glowing red LEDs corresponds to the number of hours from 1 to 12. More than 12 hours Continuum does not show, since it would need three extra colors series. Yellow lighted LEDs – this is the number of minutes to 5 minutes each. For example, the 3 yellow is 15 minutes and 7 – is 35 minutes.

Green LEDs indicate the exact number of minutes, for example, if you have 3 yellow and 2 green, mine is 17 and if the 7 yellow and 3 green, then 38 minutes. Hours and days of the week, show dates. Display size: 5.7 inch width, height 3.3 cm. Made in the form of wristbands. The body is made of metal, similar in color to silver. Strap Length – 17 inches. There are several buttons that are intended for regime change, display time, call date and adjust the brightness. Be cautious, because these watches are not based to water.

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