Competition Seiko:Everybody wins. Brand Seiko hardly needs any introduction.

Competition Seiko


Brand Seiko hardly needs any introduction. Group sales, with a history that began 126 years ago with a small repair shop clocks, exceeding 11 billion dollars, almost a half times more than the revenue of all watch companies in Switzerland. By creating a name for the production of inexpensive but high-quality watches, today the corporation manufactures a wide range of products from electronics to medical equipment.

And despite the fact that the share of hours has only one-tenth share of turnover in the concern, they still remain the hallmark Seiko. In the markets, which concern the pioneer of many developments in watchmaking considered for a key, the position of extremely strong brand and this also applies to sales and brand image.

Take, for example the U.S., where Seiko – one of the most popular mid-priced brands, whose products of choice for many wealthy people, including the richest man in the world of Bill Gates. Or Germany, where sales volume is successfully competing with Seiko Tissot. And in the hour stores in Switzerland often be found next to the Seiko is much more expensiveBreitling and other brands of Class “A”.

Competition Seiko
Unlike most countries in the Russian position the Japanese concern in recent years have been much more modest. This is due to the many historical, economic and even political causes. However, in early 2003, there were signs that the situation will change soon: A guide Seiko has contributed to Russia in the list of priority markets. One of the measures aimed at improving the position of the Russian market, was announced two months ago, competition for the best Seiko shop in Russia.

Competition: target participants and organizers

Problem, which plans to decide by Seiko competition is clear: to improve the brand presence at retail and thereby increase sales. It must be said that the prevailing view of Russia in the Seiko as the manufacturer of inexpensive clock is incorrect: the price of the model of the key collections of Arctura, Sportura, Presage, Rivoly lie in the range of $ 300-600 and on some models up to $ 2,500 (and it’s not gold and diamonds). So at a price much closer to the Seiko Longines, than to Casio.

Competition Seiko
Late last year, concern has decided to make a brand repositioning, and under this plan to withdrawal from the production of the cheapest models, whose prices are around $ 100. Therefore, Seiko seeks to conquer good positions in the stores, which brand will fit well into the existing range in terms of price range. But this is – concern the manufacturer. Is it worth it the store to take part in the announced competition and that it can give him?

If you carefully read the terms, it becomes clear that competition is beneficial to store as much as for the producer. Regardless of whether the store will be able to enter the top three winners, in any case, it stands to benefit. Competition – a good excuse to take a closer look to one of the top brands and the right to organize trade them that will inevitably result in increased sales and profits. In addition, without exception, participants will receive a free set of POS-materials, collections of souvenirs and educational materials.

Some efforts over the competition does not require: a minimum version, simply register as a participant in the company “Avanteydzh”, with the support of which is a contest, and provide a photo store and brief information about him. All the participants for the fulfillment of certain conditions will be assessed points. Who to the final pick maximum points – and that will be the winner.

Competition Seiko
And there is reason to compete. Prizes, as they say, neshutochnye: chief – a car Toyota Corolla, the second and third, in addition to valuable prizes include a free trip to the exhibition BaselWorld-2004.

How much prize?

Competition terms are meant to stimulate the shop in the most efficient in terms of sales representation of the brand. The specialists Seiko, seems to have considered all the factors that affect the sale. Certain number of points will be assessed areas such as:

  • status and appearance of the store;
  • competent presentation of Seiko in the store;
  • range, the availability of models from the collections of Seiko;
  • promotional activity;
  • training.

In determining the winners of the estimated total amount and a small number of points in one direction can be compensated by the active work on another.

In the “Status of the store” is assessed class shopping and commercial center, where it is located, what equipment is used in the department, the order of the windows, etc. In the “Presentation of the mark” – the use of proprietary POS-materials (displays, etc.) and the correct placement of goods on display.As already stated, and recommendations for window dressing and POS-materials are part of a kit, which is free for each participant of the competition.

Particular attention is paid to represent in the store range. Scoring system is designed so that stimulates the store to have in place best collection of Seiko -Sportura, Arctura, Rivoli, Vivace. According to the experience on these models defining today face marks, more than half of sales in monetary terms. Have hot forgotten about the organizers and sellers of knowledge and skills which the trade depends on a lot.

Each of them requested to complete a questionnaire about the brand.

And the correct answer, first counts as a score of the store and secondly, participating in a separate competition for vendors, prizes, which are the clock and DVD-players.

So any shop, who participated in the contest and follow the advice of the organizers, even if it does not take top places, you still will win.

Properly organized work with the brand will undoubtedly lead to an increase in turnover and profits of the outlet.

And the chances of winning are very high – for the organizers, participants will take part in not so many shops, no more than 30-45.

Also announced Seiko competition is not a raffle, where everything is decided case. Here, victory is entirely in the hands of the owner of the store – terms of scoring and the winner very clearly spelled out and everyone is able to decide how many points he wants to call.

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