Casio Databank. Casio Databank watch name comes from the manufacturer



Casio Databank watch name comes from the manufacturer and the words Casio Databank; it in turn, means something like a database. These clocks can rightly be called not so much a database as a means to handle them. These watches are so many functions that can show on screen any information output by means of longitudinal light-emitting diodes. Let’s start with the original and unusual design, which will stand out among the hundreds of thousands of holders of ordinary hours.

Functionally, it is certainly important, but for much design plays a more important and leading role. But in fact, the functionality of this watch as everything is in order, one might say even too well.

Unlike many other operational hours, they show all the information simultaneously on the same screen. They can do this on-the-very long, because according to manufacturers, battery lasts for 10 years. Big display clock is distributed in several sections. Above shows the day of the week, that is the first three letters in the English version.

For example, Sunday is designated as Sun and Monday as the Mon; by the way, on Sundays especially nice to look at the clock, because the Sun means the sun. In the middle of the display are figures for the current time: hours, minutes and seconds and slightly lower rates are date and alarm. In addition, the screen can display other data. To control the clock using a keyboard of 16 keys, built in the 4th row.

Among them, 10 are responsible for key numbers from 0 to 9. There is a calculator and buttons, so you can use these times for simple arithmetic. Hours will be a good gift for those who like to have everything at hand and those interested in modern electronic technology, the price of this gadget – about $ 70.

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