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Multifunction watches are nothing new – there are many people on the wrist which is not simply a device for measuring time, but also a player a barometer and even the means to send e-mail. But not always meet those hours as Konect Tokyo – its design, they just shout about its versatility. Note that should not be confused Kinect and Konect. Kinect – a modern video game consoles and Konect – a company involved in production of watches, including those described in this article, although, honestly these watches are very similar to a game console, so even odd that they do not comply with its function.

Designer watches – a Frenchman and therefore not strange that many devices do not just blend in a wristwatch, but the whole composition with well-made and elegant. Consider construction hours and consequently their opportunities. Let’s start with the audio – it is designed so that you can listen to music or chat in Skype. Yes it is to communicate in Skype, because they allow you to watch this feature. You can listen to music of course MP3. Next volume control – of course, it is designed to adjust the volume level when communicating via Skype or listening to music. There is an indicator AM PM, he will find out today night or day, for hours in this case from 1 to 12, not 24. There is also a microphone – as well without him on Skype? Of course, the elements for determining time at those hours too. But get used to them easy, because no marks on them, no everything is being done with LEDs, arranged in a circle, to determine the time to watch such a great skill. There are buttons on the case and – for setting the clock as well as control playback of music in the built-in player, a lot of space has a USB port, but without it when it comes to large amounts of music.

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