Binary Clock. On the planet there are 10 kinds of people

Binary Clock


On the planet there are 10 kinds of people – who understand the binary system and that it does not understand. Did you understand the joke or not you still may be interesting new gadget LED Binary Watch. Binary – translated as binary and the Watch – a wrist watch.

The abbreviation means the LED backlight LED. So, what we discuss in this article it is nothing more than a binary clock with LED backlight. Instead the display on the watch we see mikroshemku which is clearly expressed by 10 LEDs – 4 in the top row and 6 in the bottom.

That’s the number of LEDs needed to show at any time in the range of 0 to 12 hours. Those who prefer the 24-hour scheme to put up with it because to write the number 24 to 5 digits, that is LEDs and there are only 4. The top row of 4 LEDs show the hours the bottom of the 6 LED’s – minutes. To see what time it is you need only to convert the mind or on paper the binary numbers to decimal. For example if the light is only third LED we have the number 0010 and it is 2 o’clock in the afternoon or night. If the light is for example the 2nd and 4th LEDs we get 0101 but it’s – 5.

The transformation is quite simple especially if you’re a programmer or a mathematician. Accepted for an LED on and powered down for 0. Multiply the first digit of 8, second 4, third and fourth at 2 – 1. 0010 = 0 * 8 +0 * 4 +1 * 2 0 * 1 = 2 hours. Repeat the same for a minute, but in this case the series for multiplication looks like 32,16,8,4,2,1. For the sake of saving this clock is not constant, but only when the button is pressed they shine especially brightly, of course at night. Price unit – 69 dollars for such an interesting device quite a bit. If you do not understand the binary system or you are simply inconvenient hours think about it – maybe you have friends scientists, engineers, mathematicians, that this gift will be of interest.

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