BALL wristwatch in honor Celsius.Let us consider in detail the new clock BALL Trainmaster Celsius

BALL wristwatch


Let us consider in detail the new clock BALL Trainmaster Celsius, which were first presented at the exhibition this year’s Basel World. This watch (Ref. NT1050D-LJ-SLC) is now possible to buy in Russia. As you know, the new hours are devoted to the Swedish scientist Anders Celsius, who invented the scale of temperature measurement.

BALL Trainmaster Celsius (Ref. NT1050D-LJ-SLC) issued by the 310-th anniversary of Celsius. Actually so watch is equipped with a mechanical thermometer module, which allows you to measure range from -35 degrees to +45 from the outside air temperature.

The same automatic clockwork BALL 9018 has the function of accurately display hours, minutes and seconds (central arrow).

Temperature indicator is located on a small dial in the “6 o’clock”. In the “1:00” is a round date window.

Clockwork BALL Trainmaster Celsius (Ref. NT1050D-LJ-SLC), as a true and clear of its unusual temperature display, capable of functioning correctly in the temperature range from -35 to +45 degrees.

The watch has a steel body that has water resistance to 50 meters.

Housing diameter 41 mm and a thickness of 12.6 mm. On transparent case back hours applied silk-screen image of a portrait of Andres Celsius.

A silver dial Arabic numerals, as well as 12 microtubules with tritium, brightly illuminated in low light.

Watches are sold on the strap in black alligator skin black.

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