An extravagant model for the Only Watch

Only Watch


Company Celsius X VI II presented its model – a hybrid of mechanical clocks and cell phone for a charity auction Only Watch. Celsius X VI II first among watch companies, which brings together mobile phone with the “anatomy” of the mechanical clock. Design-hours phone is inspired by the world of racing. Sleek and dynamic lines associated with the model of Formula 1 cars.

Only Watch

Clockwork model consists of 330 components (total 600) and placed in a container made of aluminum with titanium-ceramic GL-coating. The case the phone is made of titanium with inlays of ebony – 18 copies and 28 clockwise phones with the case of titanium with black PVD-coated inserts and carbon fiber. 7 sapphires glass, some of them superior to conventional watchmaking standards and have two radii of curvature.

In addition to hours in Celsius XVIII is also a special patented mechanism Remontage Papillon, which accumulates and then uses the kinetic energy that occurs when opening and closing the phone, which adds almost 3 hours to stock the 72-hour course. The model is compatible with GSM and has built-in 3.2-megapixel camera with autofocus and flash. The first issue Celsius XVIII Watch Phone is limited to 18 copies.

Profit from the charity auction is aimed weekdays on medical research of Duchenne muscular dystrophy. This genetic disorder occurs only in boys. According to statistics one child gets sick from 3.5 thousand children. Currently in Europe only 30 thousand of these patients.

Only Watch – the most prestigious watch auctions. This event is held every two years, with the time and place of the meeting is very well chosen – Monegasque yacht show attracts the largest and most prestigious manufacturers and their respective clients. Oversees hourly auction Prince of Monaco Albert II and the organizers of the trade act Pettavino Luke president of the Monaco Yacht Show and Osvaldo Patrizzi, the owner of the auction house Patrizzi & Co. Only Watch participants are the most prestigious watch brands, so to speak, creme de la creme of Swiss industry, each of which is specifically for the auction makes a unique model.

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