A song about Hublot watches and Rolex. In the music video watch of a famous mark

A song about Hublot watches and Rolex


In the music video watch of a famous mark can be seen more frequently than in the movies. It’s the clip – you have to dance, waving his arms, and there is inevitable “light” wristwatch. But product placement is usually limited to a demonstration of hours for a few seconds on a hand. And it is good if at least once a close-up, otherwise you may wonder about the long hours mark.

However, this time about the clock even sang!

Yes, the music video literally sang about the watch:

“I invented swag
Poppin ‘bottles, puttin’ supermodels in the cab, proof
I guess I got my swagger back, truth
New watch alert, Hublot’s
Or the big face Rollie I got two of those ”

On a single line set and Rolex watches Hublot famous rapper Jay-Z and Kanye West’s video for his track Otis, who recently appeared on the network. This clip has already scored more than 10 million views. And artists themselves in him not only sing but also wear watches Hublot Classic Fusion and Rolex Daytona Cosmograph.

Watches Hublot Classic Fusion, which is Jay-Z equipped with an automatic mechanism HUB 1110. 42-mm watch case is made of 18K red gold. Dial a fashionable black.

Rolex Daytona Cosmograph watch is Kanye West. These watches have a slightly smaller diameter – 40mm. Fully gold – even dial.

Watch is equipped with a chronometer and tachometer scale.

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