A new method of the watch company Armin Strom. In August 2011 an independent watchmaker Armin Strom

A new method of the watch company Armin Strom


In August 2011 an independent watchmaker Armin Strom release new chronograph exclusive announced radical changes that are emerging in the design produced by his company hours.

Style, according to Armin Strom – a peculiar appearance, which is a collective image of experience over time. To achieve the intended purpose of a famous watch brand Armin Strom began a powerful advertising campaign under the slogan. Not my first love affair.

The expression is translated to English means “not my first love.”

The choice of this slogan the company Armin Strom explained by the fact that the brand decided to change its attitude to the clock as an attribute of luxury. Now he will watch “Ambassador of style and maturity.”

The new company slogan is an open confession of the style developed on the basis of experience. This is an appeal to the hearts of venerable masters of the potential buyer. Whoever decided to buy a new watch Armin Strom unwittingly entangles himself invisible threads of passionate love, the aura emanating from the watch brand. The owner of such a meter will find the time both the quality and genuine style, embodied in the noble, the elegant hand of the glorious city masterpieces of watchmaking Beal.

Expressive and powerful visual concept is concentrated in the very essence of Armin Strom: watch yourself, used gauges and manufacturing process. Each model from Armin Strom is a detailed hand-finishing, extreme precision and precious metals. Use of appropriate appearance and color are much more reinforces the impression of chronographs of the company. Inlaid with modern, multi-valued letters written by a special font, clocks have the same stylish and confident appearance as his producer – Armin Strom.

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