ZENITH watch company and the Albert II. The Prince of Monaco Albert II ZENITH watch company

ZENITH watch


The Prince of Monaco Albert II ZENITH watch company introduced two exclusive models of watches on important medical research.

ZENITH watch
Medical research is devoted to one of the most complex and debilitating disease – Duchenne muscular dystrophy, which affects one in 3,500 males. Under the auspices of the High Prince Albert II of Monaco Association against Muscular Dystrophy intends to organize an auction of exclusive watches.

Proceeds from the auction will be fully transferred to the physicians participating in these studies. During the previous two years of research has been expended three million euros to 90 researchers and clinicians from five different countries. ZENITH watch company has created two exclusive models with left-hand plant.

The world-famous auction Only Watch combines the best watch brands. Despite the intense competition in today’s watch market, the members of this “auction corporations’ combined to lofty goals: funding research aimed at early warning that a debilitating disease that affects more children 250.00.

These two models are complementary lines and lines of Captain Chronograph Pilot Chronograph. Previous models are made of pink gold and are suitable for more occasions.

The latter are made of steel and is perfect for everyday wear. Two models are equipped with the legendary wristwatch caliber El Primero, which is overjoyed at the time of experts around the world. This mechanism was created by ZENITH in 1969 and is still one of the finest instruments. The secret of this clock work is kandentsii its balance: 10 hertz, while other mechanisms, this figure is at best equal to 8.

Since its birth was accompanied by the watch brand ZENITH many pioneers, explorers and scientists. In the past, great-great-grandfather of the current head of state of Monaco – Albert I – had a wrist watch ZENITH. Love for the company ZENITH be called a common feature of the royal family of Monaco.

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