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Many of us in childhood were played in spy ware. We had a variety of devices, transmitters, covert gadgets – but in fact most of the spy gear toys were, and did nothing unusual. But now there are unique devices that may come true even spies, although they are in the open sale and many lovers of good design can not afford it. Their main feature – they are masked by conventional devices, in this case – a wristwatch.

The product of China vision – it’s not just stylish watches, but also a camera. Yes, just so they can capture images and video, and in HD. These watches come in handy when you need to collect on someone dirt, or make photo / video area, where photography is prohibited. Of course, before the ordinary, even a small camera, they have a huge advantage – they do not present themselves, that is, no one will find the lens inside them, for all the usual watch it and no one even imagines that they can shoot as HD. An important advantage – it’s what video and pictures are recorded in HD. High quality recording – it is always important, since parts can mean a lot. And all this – for $ 52. Make an order; please visit the company China Vision. When buying a watch, you will also hand over everything you need for hours in order to spy – USB cable to connect to all devices that support this standard, AV cable for video and a CD with drivers. Video resolution is 1280 by 720 pixels, photo – 1600 x 1200 pixels, waterproof watch that can stop worrying about safety when you’re in the fountain or in the pouring rain. And of course, even without using a clock as a camera, you can always know when, because after all, it’s a watch.

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