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The famous Florentine watchmaker Anonimo, representing excellent dive watches and clocks military, in cooperation with Ivan Basso (Ivan Basso) this month introduced a new model watches the Anonimo Ivan Basso Hi Dive watch.

This exclusive model is presented in a limited edition and is devoted to the famous cyclist and his passion for watches Ivan Basso, as well as his victory in the Giro d’Italia 2010. Ivan Basso himself and his teammates are already proud owners of a luxury chronograph, which will soon be available to a wider audience. Anonimo Watch company intends to release only 150 copies, which certainly is not enough for such a fine chronometer. Because of this unique timepiece bears the name of Ivan Basso, is not surprising that he actively participated in its design. Racing champion Ivan Basso is an avid fan of wristwatches Anonimo.

Face and body of the model Ivan Basso Hi Dive watch made of very light, great-resistant materials and contain carbon elements, which were fused at high temperature.

This makes the clock not just a modern anthracite color, it’s also kind of dedication to the legendary bike Basso, which was created from various parts of carbon, which is incredibly light, strong and durable. Company Full Speed Ahead, producing carbon fiber parts for hours, is also a provider of specialized parts for racing cycles.

According to Ivan Basso: “I love to watch Anonimo. And like a true Italian, I am very proud to wear the creation of the great Italian designer. This model is very practical and very beautiful. That’s what I expect of hours! “.

Anonimo Watch company believes that cooperation rather encouraging. According to Director of Sales David Anonimo Keepers (David Cypers): Ivan Basso loves adventure, and he always strives to be the best, just like Anonimo. We are a highly organized brand that creates beautiful male watches for extreme sports and to work in difficult circumstances.

For example, we are a supplier of dive watches for the Italian diving company CNS and for the Italian military – the Navy.Some of our fans are such names as the Spanish rider Axel Pons (Axel Pons), German footballer Oliver Kahn (Oliver Kahn).

They all have in common with each other and with us – it is a race for time. Sports activities require a high level of timing in the extreme conditions and this is what distinguishes us from others. ”

Buy Watches Anonimo Ivan Basso Hi Dive watch will be in the near future for only 3.700 €, which is a pretty interesting price for such a luxurious chronometer. Men’s wristwatch Anonimo Ivan Basso Hi Dive watch – a real find for a professional.

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