Wristwatch plus mirror. Many are accustomed to the fact that the clock should display the time



Many are accustomed to the fact that the clock should display the time, but for everything else they do not fit. Today’s engineers have once again shown that it is not so. This time, they invented the wristwatch, which will be of interest to many women, after all those hours feature – a built-in mirror them. Many girls and women, or rather almost all of them, from time to time use a mirror – to fix her hair, lipstick, powder oneself, or simply to see how they look. But it needs a lot of time – remove the mirror from her purse, put it back – and if it is you generally have in her purse.

Wristwatch with a mirror can save a lot of time, because they are on the wrist, and everything you need to do – is look at the clock. But these fit watches for men. Pretty in many places is not accepted, so that men followed their appearance, and often looked in the mirror. But many men just have to look good – insurance agents, distributors, business people, and couriers. Therefore, they must often use a mirror. So as not to attract attention of passers-by who are not accustomed to seeing a man in the mirror, you can use these hours – when you look at her hair, everything will seem that you just decided to see how much time is it. Price hours Vanity Mirror Watch – about $ 70. They can make a good gift, especially for business women, as they are and stylish watches, and uses a mirror not less than ordinary housewife. Red LEDs indicate the time and when you need to look at the time, they are included, but when you need a mirror, the LEDs are asleep. Suitable for those hours and spyware – because the mirror is a proven tool for monitoring those who are behind you?

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