White least.Usually, they say, that happy time is not observed, hours can not see them for everything freezes

White least


Usually, they say, that happy time is not observed, hours can not see them for everything freezes, especially if the happiness expressed strong love. They also say that while annoying, especially at work when you really want to go home, and the clocks say that work is still very long. Hence, various stresses, dizziness, and irritation. Is there a way to make yourself happy and at the same time and not get irritated at the sight, or a dial. The new concept of well-known designer Sejoon Kim is very common, but only at first glance. In a detailed review can be seen, or rather not see the minute and hour hands.

Where have they gone, you ask? This is the whole idea, all the uniqueness and simplicity at the same time. In order to have time or tired of us, the designer came up with this clock without hands. And how do you know the time, you ask? Good question, this should touch his hand, palm to dial, to the place where the dial located at the usual hours. And here it is a miracle occurred, the hands, as if by magic, appeared and showed us the current hour, and about a minute, too, do not forget. Opening bright white color, without the bright, visibly expressed in detail and loves the fans and lovers of minimalism just new and interesting things. And if you’re a beginner to a magician, then this object should not remain unnoticed. Room where the clock appears and disappears, like any audience. And viewers will be amazed for a long time to applaud this skill, being in a daze. And hardly anyone will be able to guess the secret of the magic and watch. But the accuracy of this device provides a built-in GPS receiver, which, communicating with the satellites to synchronize their masked arrows with the world “Time”, works gadget on three AA batteries.

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