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Because of this unusual gadget is now much easier to control the weather. If previously it was necessary to go to the Internet and look for a dedicated website or include a TV and wait for the weather forecast, you can now simply buy a gadget and know what the weather is expected today and tomorrow. But this additional functionality the gadget does not end there. This device – this is, above all, watch. As with all modern clocks, this device has a built-in alarm clock. Everything else, the clock shows not only the weather, but also many other important factors such as wind speed and atmospheric pressure. Also on display the week.

The device receives all necessary information from the Internet, but that does not mean that it should be connected to the computer. This gadget is a wireless and does all their own. Updated information on weather in the watch every 15 minutes. To preview you can save from 5 to 100 different cities. Such a device is quite useful and unusual. Sure, it will be popular in the U.S., most likely, there will be buyers in Russia. To use this gadget is not difficult. Simply twist the clock and you will find an exact forecast for the next few days. The cost of the device is not as great as it might seem at first glance. In the United States a similar gadget will cost future buyer for about $ 50 dollars. Power, which received the watch, comes from the battery size AA, who does not get it, is particularly difficult in almost anywhere on the planet.

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