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It should be used to the fact that the watch has long been not only serve to determine the time, and some hours so the functionality is developed, that timing does not seem to have the main task, and only a small addition. Gamin Forerunner 610 watch,GPS is an achievement of modern technology in the field of high technologies. Designed primarily for tourists and joggers who are constantly in the air, to travel, do jogging.

As already seen from the title, watch is equipped with GPS that is allowing making navigation. The developers realized that the push button control system can not provide enough hours in the convenient use of such functionality, and so did these hours touch screen – that is, the touch screen. You do not have to press buttons to use all functions of hours – just enough to drive his fingers on the screen. GPS will not get lost, especially if you’re in unfamiliar territory. This device does not need to be kept separately, because it will be on your wrist – which is very convenient. Also watch can provide information on how to rate how you run or walk, how far have passed, and how much time moving.

These features are more useful for runners and athletes. Data provided by the clock, will help to train correctly and follow the process. Watch water-resistant, and also have the patronage of various natural phenomena and weather. Their price – $ 350. Well of course you need to remember that this is still and watch. They will help you know whether you have time for lunch, not too long you run, how much before sunrise – if you know the time of sunrise. Of course, the clock will be useful not only during running, but in all other cases – study, work and rest.

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