Watch record voice. How often we have thoughts that you want to record on tape.



How often we have thoughts that you want to record on tape. But the problem is that most do not have the recorder. Wear a pad and pen for this is not very useful – because it takes a lot of space, and there is a risk of losing a notebook with all the records in it. How do make your own or someone else’s voice could be recorded, without using bulky devices? Better yet, the process of voice recording was not noticeable to someone who speaks to you – this allows to spy, to gather incriminating evidence, or do other similar actions.

This will help o’clock Tanko. It may seem that this is normal analog clock showing the time with the arrows.

But in reality, it is also a device for recording voice or other sounds that will avoid the use of notebooks, tape recorders, and other large and visible devices. Watches – what could be more convenient to do this? The stock memory clock – 1GB, and that is enough to burn the desired amount of audio information, whether voice or music. For example – today’s MP3 music files weigh 10.5 MB, and their duration in minutes. A 1GB – it’s as much as 1024 MB. Since the clock can not only record sound, but play them, they are suitable for the MP3-player, more compact and convenient than conventional ones. Complete with a clock and you get another slot USB, which will transmit the recorded data on any modern computer. During the day, you can fulfill your secret mission to gather evidence, including data and voice, and in the evening with a cable to record them on a regular computer, edit them using the normal application, write to the media, send mail. Approximate price of hours – 4980 Japanese yen, or about 61 dollars. But perhaps such that you will find this gadget on sale at a cheaper price.

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